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Fierce Eagles: Pakistan's premium gaming clan. We have been trendsetters in Pakistan's Gaming scene. It has been one hell of a journey, these 3 years. We've accomplished astonishing feats, all on our own, and set precedents for others to follow. We are Pakistan's only gaming clan to be affiliated/sponsored by Machinima. Our debut online gaming short film, 'Elite Four' was a big hit amongst the gaming community, all around the world, crossing over 400,000+ views in a short span of time. We have been featured on PakGamers, Pakistan's premium website dedicated to Pakistani Gamers, logging in from all around the world. We hope to achieve new milestones in the coming future with our new videos and projects and are branching out in more ways than anyone has ever done in Pakistan.

Fierce Eagles is also actively involved in competitive leagues in Battlefield as well as of Call of Duty. We have gone neck to neck against many national as well as international clans from all over the world. We have a very diverse roster of players, each with unique skill-set and specializations and are constantly in search of more dedicated and talented players. We also play casual games like GTA V and Payday 2. From clan wars to public matches to troll moments, we are Fierce Eagles and we stand by each other, in victory or defeat.

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